Launching into a competitive market against some of the world’s largest brands is not easy! We need you.

Here’s how you can help.


Buy the products
Thankyou products are available now in your local New World, PAK'nSAVE & Four Square stores.
100% of profit helps end
global poverty
We fund projects that help get safe water, toilets, hygiene training, safe births and healthcare to empower people in need.
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Track Your Impact
Our Track Your Impact system lets you track the impact of every single Thankyou product you purchase.



Getting product on the shelf is a win but the most important win is getting product off the shelf, fast. We need you to help raise awareness.

From a post to your social network, a creative video or picture, an email to your database, or even better using the skill or talent in your (or your business’s) hands to tell New Zealand about Thankyou.

Here’s what people are doing across social networks
in New Zealand.

The number two makes the impossible possible,
here’s how…

If you told 1 person who told 1 person who told 1 person and that happened 14 times, 14 people would know about Thankyou. But if you tell 2 people and they tell 2 people and they tell 2 people and that happened 14 times, then 16,340 people would know about Thankyou!

Yep, crazy right?

If 300 started this, and each told 2 people who told 2 people who told 2 people, and that happened 14 times, then more than 4.9 million people would know about Thankyou - that's more than the entire population of New Zealand!

Start Telling Two
Buy two Thankyou hand washes.
Give them to two friends (not one) telling them about Thankyou.
Then ask them to do the same for two other people.
We teamed up with a local Kiwi start-up and put together something to help you tell your friends and family about Thankyou.

To date over $5.8 million raised and over 780,000 lives have been impacted, this is just the beginning.


Well you’re a keen bean! Here’s a few other things that you can do to help spread the message!
Make us local

Get Thankyou stocked in your local café or store. Here’s a letter to help.

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Book a Thankyou Speaker – for your school, your work, university or community group.

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