"A thrill of hope the weary world rejoices

For yonder breaks a new glorious morn" - O Holy Night 

Inspired by the classic (and catchy) carol O Holy Night, we chose ‘The Thrill of Hope’ as the theme of our end-of-year celebration. We gathered, reflected, laughed and most importantly celebrated the team and partner committed to ending global poverty.

You're part of that team too, so we thought we'd reminisce together...


The thrill of being able to give people hope. GUNG_HENCHI-166.jpg#asset:4347

There’s a particular type of joy that comes when you help someone you may never meet. The thrill of knowing someone on the other side of the world is empowered, because of you. Is there anything else like it?

This year (and for the past 10 years) we’ve seen REAL change in communities. 785,568 lives changes isn’t just a number to us, it’s REAL people with REAL stories that are so worthy of being heard and shared.

We made the trip over to Bangladesh in MONTH, where our team had the chance to chat with Ashish, a passionate project partner working on the ground playing his part in ending the injustice of global poverty.

But it isn’t always easy changing the world. 

We’ve experienced a few curve balls this year, unexpected product deletions, delays on much-anticipated projects, invested in ideas that didn’t go to plan and experienced rapid growth that we weren’t set up to handle. 

No person, organisation or idea is immune to challenges and the reality is that great things take time to build.

We’ve always said this is a consumer movement and we really felt that this year.  We couldn’t have done this year without YOU, our customers. You’ve backed us time and time again. 

Here are a few little things we got up to this year:

April - We’ll get your through the night

May - When we gave our personal care range a face lift

June - Moved to a new Track Your Impact accrual system

September - Our very first collaboration Thankyou x Sarah Kelk

October - We turned 10 years old!

OH! and when we finally took Thankyou INTERNATIONAL! After crowd-funding $1.8m in 28 days, 2.5 years of planning - we finally crossed the ditch and New Zealand launched Thankyou! Giving another nation the chance to feel the thrill of playing their part in ending global poverty.

This launch confirmed everything we thought about our customers! They’re creative, passionate, change makers and don’t settle of status quo.

Here’s a few highlights from when NZ launched Thankyou.

It’s been a big year packed with learnings, celebrations, challenges, OVERCOMING challenges and seeing lives forever changed.

This year has taught us that it’s easy to make good decisions when you know what your values are.

As we run into the new year, we are more reminded than ever to live by our values not just when it’s easy but in everything that we do.






Solutions focused

So here’s to you! Our faves, ultimate cheerleaders and world changers! We’re thrilled to be changing the world alongside you.can’t wait to change the world with you.

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