In 2019 we did something a bit different to show why our products are 100% different from the rest.

Our team installed a beautiful pop-up bathroom vanity on the side of a street and asked passers-by to stop and try our hand washes.

The difference? When they turned on the tap, the water that came out was brown and looked dirty.

Hidden cameras were set-up to capture their reactions to this moment. A moment where they were temporarily unable to access clean water.

Some people were surprised by the dirty water, and others thought it was gross! But, don't worry - as people pumped the Thankyou hand wash, the water coming from the tap turned clean!

This day represented so much more than a gimmick to our team. We wanted to remind people of why Thankyou products exist. See, many of us don't have to think twice about cleaning our hands, washing food and showering, but it blows our mind that there are people without access to these basic human needs.

In fact, 844 million people don't have access to safe water. At Thankyou, we don't think this is right. So we had an idea. To create a life-changing personal care range that exists to help end global poverty.

By choosing our products, you're helping people get access to safe water and toilets because 100% of the profit helps people in need.

It's a small moment, like washing your hands, that we've taken and turned into something more powerful so that together we can make a difference.

Watch the campaign video:

HUGE thanks to our incredible partners...

colab.projects for the insane vanity installation!

Chesters Plumbing & Bathroom supplies and Deluxe Plumbing & Gas who supplied us with the beautiful tap fixtures

Life-changing billboards by QMS

Mirror screen technology Hypermedia.

Concept design and branding, wow!

Gorgeous cakes and treats Colab Cakery

The best posters ever 0800 phantom

Amplification and community We Are Tenzing

Custom bags by awesome social enterprise Free Set Global

Photography by the best

...We couldn't do it without you!

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